How Search/Find works?


I am using Agenda daily. It helps me to take notes, integrate with Reminders and Calendar. It is perfect. Where I struggle is:
1, find a project: I know the project name, but I need to list (usually expand) and skim through all my projects and categories to find it. Is there a better way to do this? Why I am asking. My use-case is: I want to start writing a note for a project. But everything is left panel selection driven here. So when I pres cmd+n, a new note is created but a different project, then I need to move it.
2, find and replace text in a note. I usually have to use a different tool for this.

Thank you

Today we released a new sharing extension. This should help if you need to add things to a different note from a different app.

We are hoping to use this same technology to offer other ways to enter things. I think this will help a lot with the issue you mention.

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Perhaps long-pressing the New Note + button could have an entry “Add New Note To…” that opens the new note destination menu?

@vitezslav.papiez for now, if you long-press the Agenda icon from the home screen and choose “New Note” then Agenda presents the list of projects you can add to. On my iPad I can drag up from the bottom to show the dock, then long-press the Agenda icon. Works pretty well!

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any recommendation on the searching the correct project?
any recommendation on the find&replace all functionality?


Searching in a particular project should just work if you select the project, and enter the search. By default, it will filter the current project. You then have a choice to extend that to all projects.

We currently don’t have any find and replace. Would be good to add. Thanks for the feedback!

Let me clarify, I want to find the project, not the text in project notes. Let me give you an example.
I have two projects ProjectA and ProjectB. There is a tone of notes in both. Project B is selected in the left panel. I navigate to the search input field and I type “ProjectA” then press “Search in All Projects”. as the top results I got texts from various notes. Imagine that you have dozens of projects. How would you find just the ProjectA? Thank you for advice here.

I see. No, we have no project title search yet. The search is entirely notes based.

We will consider this option. Thanks for sending it in.

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Hi Drew, is searching in titles on the agenda? :wink:

In the new Agenda v13 you’ll find a new premium feature „Open Quickly“ that seems to be a solution of your request to find projects by title:

More about the new version:


Very cool, in deed. Helps me a lot!

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