How often does the system recalculate the project size?

What I did:
Create a simple note which shows 66KB:

Add an attachement and the project size increase accordingly to 541KB:

Then, I removed the attachment

What happened:

The project size is not recalculated and still shows 541KB

What I expected:
Would like to know the latest project size immediately or I could know how often it would recalculate.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 18, all platofrms.

At this point, Agenda keeps a complete history of your changes, so it does not reclaim space when you delete things. We have ideas for improving this in future.

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Just to confirm, let’s say I have a project that takes 50MB of space. Will the space be released if I delete the entire project and remove it from the trash bin as well?

My ultimate goal is to cut down the iPhone storage and iCloud space taken by Agenda. I originally tried to replace full-size pictures with compressed ones but that doesn’t help.

If you delete a project, move it to the bin in Agenda and empty the bin, it will release and reclaim all space the project took (which is also why you can’t undo the emptying of the bin), it will also remove the iCloud space the project took.


Thanks! At least I know what to do now.

Note also that there is often quite a delay with iCloud storage numbers. It can take quite a long time for it to update in the Settings app. So even if you do reduce the size of a project, it may not show up in iCloud as reduced for several hours.

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