How many 'pages' in drawing?

Yesterday I had my first go at including a ‘drawing’ (handwritten note) in an Agenda note. I appreciated being able to include lines. However, by the end of the meeting I hit the ‘bottom’ of the canvas/page. Is there a way to add a page to the bottom of the canvas, or have it grow as I take notes? (My main note taking app is Notability and I’m used to the way it automatically adds an extra page as I write.)

We have a restriction on the size of the drawing area, because above that size, iOS can no longer show the drawing you have done in the note. It runs out of memory for such a big image.

If you are hitting this often, you are probably better off with a dedicated handwriting app like notability. Agenda is not that. We have pencil support, but our focus is typed text.

If you want to keep using Agenda like this, best to simply save what you have done, and add a new image to keep going.

We will see if there is some solution where we can split the image ourselves automatically in future. For now though, the limit is there I’m afraid.

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Thanks Drew for your thorough and helpful answer. I think it makes good sense that Agenda’s drawing tool is fine for a quick note or simple sketch, but not designed for taking long hand written meeting notes…I’ll keep using Notability for that.

Yes, probably the right conclusion. Note that you should be able to write at least 3 pages of notes in Agenda, maybe 6. You can certainly write more than a single page, but it isn’t the same as notability, which has been designed to handle handwriting as a first class citizen.

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Does the attach-in-agenda-open-in-other-app thing work with notability? That would be cool.

Or GoodNotes!


I would expect that to work, in Notability uses documents. (I haven’t used Notability much TBH, so I don’t know.)

I don’t think Notability uses ‘documents’ - as in, you can’t open/save files in the regular file system. For this reason I don’t think you can ‘attach’ a Notability note into Agenda. (They also don’t seem to have x-url-callbacks…so you can’t link directly to a note.)