How many notes can I create?

I just wanted to ask “How many notes can I create?”. How many notes will I be able to create before I run out of space and have to delete some of them, or remove them to a different location. Thanks

There is no upper limit enforced, but of course the more you make, the more space it takes, the longer it takes to sync etc.

I work with about 50 projects, and maybe 10-20 notes on average in each. So maybe 1000 notes. Agenda has no problem with that.

But if you go to 10000 notes or 100000, you may start to run up against performance issues. You can always split the notes over more projects, but the first sync will be slow, and the app will use more disk space.

Probably best just to try it. It’s free.

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It would be great if I could have access to some kind of statistics to get a sense of how big my Agenda is. For example, number of projects, number of notes etc.,

You can find part of that info already by right/control clicking a project (or under the three dots on iOS):