How is everyone web clipping?

I’m using Agenda as my main notes app. I love the timeline nature, tags, and tasks but one thing I’m missing is an ability to capture and store web snippets/articles.

At the moment I copy the URL and paste it, then copy the top paragraph and paste it which is really clunky.

I know there is a talk of a web clipper, but how is everyone getting around this until this is built? Any fancy Applescripts, automator or keyboard maestro stuff anyone is willing to share?

thanks in advance.

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What do you think of this shortcut?

It should ask for the project in Agenda to store clips, and then use it from the Safari share function to create a note with the name of the webpage and, if any, selected content on the page.

Hope this helps!



Hi Scotty,

Thanks for this, works a treat.

I notice you have to select the text you want to clip, so I’m going to see if I can modify to automatically create an excerpt. I’ll also try and take the general concept to create a Mac version.


Indeed. I thought about including the content, but maybe limited to a paragraph or two, but the content comes out weird from some websites that makes it look ugly/unuseful in Agenda.

I’d be happy to see this improved upon!


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Sharing on iOS is high on our list. We have even started that project, so it should appear this year sometime, all going well.