How is a note linked to a recurring event handled?

What I did:

Yesterday I thought I had set up a cool workaround to my needs with a note linked to a recurring event.

What happened:

Today I click on the event to navigate to the note. The note opens, but is dated yesterday.

What I expected:

The note to be re-dated to today’s date. Or to be undated because it’s a recurring event.

My preference would be the later. I also tried undating the note manually, but I can’t seem to do that if the note is linked to an event.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOS, 2.2.1

My understanding is that each instance of the event can be coupled to a note. This makes sense really. It is not one event, but many that are related.

Take a weekly meeting. Chances are you want a different note for each meeting, not one note for all the meetings.

Hope that explains it.
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Yes, it does make sense! Just doesn’t work for what I’m trying to do which is to have a kind of rolling daily note, that I can navigate to with one click from the main Agenda screen. I find having such a note just in the project list means it’s too easy to forgot/ignore it. I thought adding to the calendar would make it more in my face.

For now, I’ll try re-connecting the note to Today’s instance every day.

Actually, what I want is one note coupled to a recurring event. For example, as a teacher I have one class with each class (I hope that makes sense, two different meanings of “class”) a week. I like to keep a running list of what we did in class so before every class I can check to see what we did the previous class. I would like that note to show up on the “Today” view, but currently the note is only linked to one instance of the event, and not to every instance. If a note is linked to an event that repeats every Thursday, for example, it would be nice if it showed up on the “Today” view every Thursday. Right now it doesn’t.


Yes, I can see that both uses make sense, ie, wanting to link to all recurring events, and linking notes to individual events in the series. For now you can only do the second.

Thanks for the feedback. We will take in on board and see if there is anything we could do about it.


Would be great to be able to link a note to each instance of a recurring event.

Having only just re-linked my ‘daily list’ to today’s ‘to do’ event, I realise that the propsed solution needs to address the date that’s shown for the note, ie the date in top right hand corner.

I’ve just spent the moring seeing Friday’s calendar, because I was working in the note that was created on Friday.

Obviously I’ve got a particular use case here, but with a ‘daily to do’ type of note, it’s important that viewing it also shows today in the calendar.

With this workflow, I’m trying to have everything I need to plan and manage my day on screen when I select this note. If I have to remember to change the calendar every time, it’s a pain, and I risk not prepping for an upcoming event becuase I don’t see it in the calendar.

I’ve just realised that Cmd-T shows todays calendar which will be helpful in the meantime.

Also, it would be good if clicking on the month in the calendar made the calendar jump to today - Fantastical does this - it’s a nice one click method!

TBH, I think trying to have a note connected to an event that repeats each day is not a great use for a Calendar. Seems more like a reminder. Calendars are better for things at a fixed point in time, and reminders for things you need to do at some point in a day.

The way I would handle this daily situation is to make a note, not connected to any calendar event, and have it always On the Agenda.

Yes, I think you have a point. I was connecting it to the calendar to get it in front of my eyes everyday.

I find I’m using On the Agenda for stuff I’m working on over the next few days, not just stuff for today, so I risk losing sight of it there.

Part of the issue is that having the ‘add new notes to On the Agenda’ option on, is great for not missing new notes, especially those I make on the fly - eg when some one calls me and I make a note of the call. But it means that a lot of notes that aren’t actually on my ‘do in the coming days list’ end up on the Agenda.

This is where I think an In Box of some kind would help. I would turn on ‘Add new notes to In Box’, and only add notes to On the Agenda manually when planning my day/s work ahead.

I don’t seem to be able to pin the note to the top of On The Agenda because the order of notes appears to be determined by projects.

For now, in absense of a cleaner solution, I’ve added a unique tag to the note and created a saved search with an eyecatching emoticon:

it would also be great if you add a note to a recurring event, it is automatically assigned to the right project.

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