How I use Agenda

I don’t know if you can call many small jobs for my computer repair clients “projects”, but that’s mainly what I have to record in my daily journal project. Sometimes, the jobs get really complicated and/or multi-day. I split those client notes off into a separate project/client note and then reference that specific note back to the daily journal timeline for however many days it takes. I also record personal occurrences in my daily journal.

I am working on converting my older 832 daily journal entries to a compatible format for import. Right now, I only have 2023 to date imported. The Apple Notes HTML Importer (an intermediate step I used for 2023) can only handle about 60 items at a time before it just stops responding, even on an M1 MacBook Pro.

I have so many short notice and small calls that I use a paper planner to schedule the clients I’m working with and personal matters for quick reference.

My Projects are really classifications, and they don’t really change:

CReference is “Client Reference” or articles that I can share with my clients.

The Technical category is articles I’ve found I might need on remote calls. Since Agenda doesn’t have a web clipper, I’m investigating other avenues, without having to use two applications.

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Thanks for sharing!

Just a note that there is a Mac app called Exporter that can help exporting markdown files from Apple Notes, which can then go into Agenda. Maybe that is useful. It is in the Mac App Store.

I know about Exporter, thanks.

When I imported from Apple Notes from Agenda, the HTML entities were retained instead of being translated, but that might be because the HTML notes came from UpNote through Apple Notes. I probably should have cleaned all of them through BBEdit’s Multi-File Search and Replace before running them through Apple Notes.

I’m being more careful this time, and making them markdown through BBEdit and Rename X before importing them.