How I use Agenda to track projects

Amazing how well this works for me:
There are no internal projects - they are all clients. I have a template project that contains the following notes:

Status (pinned to top of list)-only item on the agenda
Checklist (pinned to top of list)
Communications (pinned to top of list)
Documents (pinned to top of list)
Client meetings (in chronological order - use tags to classify)

I use links to other apps extensively. Agenda is my central HQ for all other supporting apps like Gantt charts, Agreements, Reminders, Emails!!, and PhoneLog notes. My communications note is filled with hyperlinks to other apps and it has helped me stay on top of projects that otherwise would have stalled. The status note gets updated constantly, and is pared down to the bare essentials ruthlessly.

When we have our weekly status meetings, my “On the Agenda” page has only the status notes of all my projects, so I can just rattle each one off. I’ve never been able to stay on top of so many projects so well before.

Thank you Agenda!


Great to hear it is working for you. Thanks for sharing your system!

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This workflow has sparked so many thoughts and ideas about my own worfklow and how to manage the many projects I have. Thank you!

Can you tell me more about your Communications note? You state that it is filled with hyperlinks to other apps and helps you stay on top of projects that otherwise would have stalled - is it mostly communication with yourself then? Or are you documenting communications with your clients?


This is amazing. could you post some screen shot of your set up?

This sounds very useful! Just what I am looking for to step up my way of keeping track. Can you post some screenshots to clarify?

What do you mean with:

You mean that all of your projects are related to clients of yours?

I document communications with my clients and any related internal emails to the project. I have links in there to my email client, and the link brings up the specific email. That’s one of my favorite features. I also have links to an app called PhoneLog Pro.

I was surprised by how much interest this has generated. I’ll be posting a video soon.


To your question about my reference to “clients,” I’m a software implementation consultant, so yes, all of my projects are for clients. I’m not much of a developer, but I work with developers to customize applications for clients. I help businesses implement software. Most of what I do is with accounting software like Acumatica or Sage CRM and some others.

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I’ll be posting a video soon.


Video would be great!



Any news on the video.:wink:

I was wondering if hyperlinks also works for documents?

I’m also interested in your video :smiley: