How does the new Siri Shortcuts integration work?

I would like to know how can I use this new feature Siri Shortcuts available from iOS 12 with Agenda. Thank you!

I guess you’d like to this.

Settings -> Siri & Search -> Agenda -> turn on “Search, Suggestions & Shortcuts"

The idea is that once you have done some actions in Agenda, they can become available as shortcuts. For now we have opening a project, and going to a note. So go into Agenda, go to an important note, and make a small edit. Opening that note will then become an option as a Siri Shortcut.

Siri can also suggest shortcuts to you in the control panel based on time and location context. If you open ‘on the agenda’ every morning at 9am, good chance Siri will notice that and suggest it to you.

I see. What actions do you plan to add in near future? Thanks.

I suggest you to download the Apple Shortcuts app from the App Store to use Siri Shortcuts in all its possibilities.

I want to paste some text into a note. Do I assume correctly that is not possible yet with shortcuts?

Apple has a handy support document on how to use Siri shortcuts, see Import, Export, and Sharing

Hi I wasn’t sure if I follow correctly, I tried to open the url to make a new note but only agenda gets open, so not sure if the url is correct? Would you be able to shine a little bit of ligth, I notice that in the recommendations it has to make a new note on the last project but it just creates a note with no tittle and no content, still playing with it though, great app Agenda

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What’s the URL you’ve been trying to use?

Hi it was:
example1: agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=My%20Project&title=New%20Note&text=Hello%20World&on-the-agenda=true&date=2018-03-12

After some trial and error I found that it could not create the example project, once I changed that for a name on my projects, it was able to create a new note. I’m still trouble shooting for a way to export from omnifocus that will add the note a a link back. I was able to creat the link and the new note but still decifering how to get the name of the task on the name of the note and or course the content of the note on the note, last thing would be to get the link to save as a short word with the link embedded. Almost there

Cool, I’m afraid I’m not too much into what OmniFocus allows, but keep us posted on how you’re getting on!