How does "On the Agenda" work in detail?



What I did: I clicked the menu item “On the Agenda”

What happened: my notes that are marked as “on the agenda” appeared in undefined order (or at least it wasn’t unclear to me how they are ordered).

What I expected:

What I would expect is a list of all notes that are marked as “on the agenda” or linked to a calendar entry for today or recently used. From my perspective all notes for today (or even the next 2 days) should be “on the agenda” because it’s very likely that I need them today.

But maybe someone here could explain how exactly the feature works today and how the elements are sorted. In my case they are not chronological.


Notes “On the Agenda” are;

  • grouped and ordered by project first (i.e. projects appear in the same order as in the sidebar)
  • ordered by how they appear within their project (in case you have multiple notes from the same project)

We plan to allow more options for these views in the future (e.g. ungrouped, sorted by date, summarised instead of full content, etc).