How does Calendar integration work across platform?


New user to Agenda and looking to see if it would work for me, with the limitations imposed by work.

On my work computer (Mac), my work calendar is in the Calendar and shows up in Agenda.

On my personal iPad and iPhone, I can’t add my work calendar to the Apple Account/Calendar due to work policy. Instead they are in the Outlook for iOS app.

How will this set up impact me using Agenda where notes created/linked on the Mac would not have the same link in Agenda for iOS?

Also, are there plans to support other calendar apps like Fantastical or Outlook?

Thank you!

As a rule of thumb, when the calendar shows up in the Calendar app of the system, the calendar and its events will show inside Agenda. If the system calendar app doesn’t have access, they won’t. For now we don’t have plans to add support for talking directly to Exchange, Google etc. There are definitely benefits of doing that, but it’s a non-trivial amount of work and wouldn’t deliver many benefits to most users, hence we prefer to spend the time and effort on other features we think are more pressing.

Now, what happens when you connect an event on your Mac to one of your notes and then move to your phone where the event is not showing in the calendar in the inspector on the right? The latter we can’t affect, the event will not show indeed. But the link is preserved and the note will still show as being linked to an event (it takes an internal copy of the event details) with the right time etc. Of course you can’t “reveal” this event or edit it etc, but at least it will show the right date etc. It’s also preserved so that if you move to your Mac again it shows as a note icon next to the event in the inspector (as the event does show on your Mac). Hope this helps to clarify things.