How do you use 'on the agenda'

Hi there!

I’m fairly new to agenda, but loving it.

I like preparing for a meeting, setting a future date for the meeting, and seeing it in ‘today’ when the day of the meeting arrives.

I know there is also an ‘on the agenda’ option and you can choose to show a note on the agenda (manually) or in preferences, all notes on the agenda by default

Yet: i fail to see why this feature can be handy…

so the question is: how do you use this feature, and why can it be helpful?


A few features such as timeline (other apps are much better), related notes (seems to place notes that are NOT related IMO - would be better for users to specify criteria for “related”) and On the agenda. Only periodically marked as on the agenda for notes that are important at that time.

Look forward to better preference features to allow users to define what are shown on left and right panel. On side note, sorry to say that related notes feature is my biggest peeve :rage:, please introduce a way to specify the criteria.

It depends what type of notes you are taking. For a date based app like a meeting, Today works fine. But I have a lot of notes that are just lists of tasks for projects, and that sort of thing. When I think “I need to work on some of these tasks” for the coming days, I will set the on-the-agenda to on for that note. I might have 5-10 notes that I am actively working on. The on-the-agenda section is my go to place to find stuff relevant for what I am doing now. When I move on, I remove notes from the agenda, so they don’t clutter things up.


I am relatively new to Agenda. I love this app. After about a week of using it I signed up for premium. I started using Agenda to keep notes and to hopefully get a more robust app than the Apple Note app. I have a weekly meeting to go to and keep notes for that meeting so that on the day of the meeting they show up, I also have several projects that I am working on, but they don’t have a due date. I keep those “on the Agenda” so that they are right there when I need them. I only put dates on the items that have to be done by or on a specific date. The “on the Agenda” list is for those things I am working on and need quick access to.

Everyday I am finding a new use for this app and so far I am loving it. Recently, thanks to the Corona Virus, I listed all the TV shows and movies I wanted to get caught up on from the streaming services. I set up a separate note for each one and and as a checklist put all the episodes. When I started watching the series I moved it to On the Agenda and checked off the episodes as they were watched. When I was done took it off the Agenda and moved it to the bin, or dated the note with the date that I finished watching the show fr reference later.


Love the series binging use case. Never would have thought of that :slight_smile:


Drew, you obviously don’t have enough time on your hands. :wink:

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