How do you organize personal & work stuff?

Hi all. Wondering how you setup and organize categories & projects neatly with your personal & work projects in Agenda? Any system you follow to help organize, separate & catalog your projects?

For users with a lot of categories & projects,

  • Do you have 2 main categories, personal & work, and have multiple sub-categories for each?
  • Or just have lots of categories and organise them close to each other for personal & work
  • Do you use naming convention for categories & projects to further segregate them?



I tend to have many categories. Some are work, some personal. Note that Agenda does support subcategories, so you could have Work and Home at the top, and subcategories for main areas of work and home (eg Garden, Finance, etc)


Thanks Drew for the reply. Yes, I’m using 2 main categories and many subcategories below them. 2 main colors to quickly identify personal vs work. It looked a bit too nested thus the question to find out how others are using theirs. Especially users with plenty of projects in personal & work. Mine looks messy. Was thinking maybe using more main categories, naming conversions to further segregate meetings, calls, video conferencing & such.

I have 4 main categories (personal, family and 2 for work) and then lots of subcategories inside each, with projects inside each subcategory. All subcategories (and projects) use the same color as the parent category.

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Thanks for the reply. I have to work on balance between main and sub categories. Hopefully will make my projects more organized

In this context I’m leaving a reference to yesterday’s NestedFolder podcast episode from @heyscottyj and @RosemaryOrchard in which they address exactly this question: “as a starting user how do I go about setting up my organisation”:

I agree with Scotty that often it’s best to start out simple, not trying to overthink the structure and organisation, and instead let it grow organically and adapt to your personal style and situation.

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Agree. After creating notes, I can always move categories or create new sub categories.

Only thing is to wait for more colour or highlighting to make important ones stand out :innocent: