How do “Related Notes” work?

Hi there,
I can’t find how “Related Notes” are working. Sometimes something is displayed there, sometimes it is not.
I’m often in a situation where I need to link several notes together, like when there are multiple meetings on different dates about the same topic.

Can this be used to do that somehow?


Hi Marc,
Related Notes looks at a few things:

  • Neighboring notes in a project
  • Notes with the same tags
  • Notes with the same people

If you put the same tag in the related notes, you should find the appear in related notes.

Kind regards,

Just to clarify…Does that mean whatever is before and after the note? I was wondering why someone would want to manually sort the notes and that would make sense.

Also, if you do link notes together like Marc said does that not have any effect on the related notes? If you didn’t tag them the same?


For technical reasons links are indeed not influencing the related status at the moment.