How do I sync/integrate my work (exchange) and google calendars?

What I did: I created my iCloud account

What happened: No integration or view of data in Agenda

What I expected: To show my work and personal google calendars syncing

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Could you tell me what to do, step by step please?

Not sure if I fully understand the situation, which devices to you use Agenda on, are notes syncing through iCloud between them ok, and do you see your google calendars on each device in the system Calendar app?

Ok. I am trying to use Agenda in my MacBook. I am trying first to have my calendar information from our company exchange server first. After I would love to have it synced with my android phone. Also notes, etc. would be ideal for me.

Thanks a lot,

Agenda requires that the exchange calendar (and any calendar in general that you’d like to access in Agenda) be visible in the at the moment (I.e its account needs to be set up in the Internet accounts section of the System Preferences), is this indeed the case?

Yes, I have already that, and in the I see my exchange e-mail and calendar, and also my gmail calendar.

But those same calendars don’t show in Agenda? Did you give Agenda permission to access the calendars? Can you send us a screenshot of what the Related pane looks like (View > Show Related)?

For those experiencing similar issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace: