How do I remove a date from a note?

What I did: Added today’s date to a note in Agenda. I then went looking for a way to remove the date on the note by clicking on the date.

What happened: I can’t see a way to remove a date. Perhaps I’m missing something?

What I expected: A way to remove a date.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 1.1, macOS 10.13.2

See this How to article:

Thanks for letting me know!

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Update: in today’s 1.4 update we have added the menu option to unlink a calendar event (under the Note menu):

When I link a note to an event in the calendar it automatically shows up itn Agendas Today section on the date of the event. This is great.
But sometimes I would like to have a note linked to an event in the calendar, but not have the note to show up in Agendas Today section on the date of the event.
Is that possible?

Not at the moment, the Today section simply shows all notes that have a calendar date associated that includes today, you cannot exclude certain notes on a day to day basis I’m afraid. One workaround/helpful thing to do would be to collapse the note you’d like to “hide”, at least it takes up less space that way.

Hi. The method to unlink an event from the calendar mentioned above only works on iOS. How do I do it on my iPad? Tx

Just tap the date in the calendar then tap the Remove Date link in the bottom right of the calendar display :slightly_smiling_face: