How do I rearrange the items in a checklist?

How do I rearrange the items in a checklist? (macos) I’ve tried dragging the circle, selecting the whole line and dragging, and everything I could think to do with that silly disappearing yellow circle to the left which doesn’t ever appear to do anything.

That circle is a menu button for formatting text. You’ll need to copy and paste items in a list to rearrange them, as you would in any other text editor.

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“any other text editor”…?

Then I’m spoiled by Bear Notes and by Drafts.

See also: Drag paragraphs between notes?


I would say so, yes, if those two examples have led you to assume that the dozens of others you might encounter must work exactly the same way. That’s just not the case. The editor I’m typing this in doesn’t have that feature.

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For now, you would need to triple click the item, and drag the text. We do have plans to allow the type of dragging you suggest, ie, a whole paragraph.


If/when this gets implemented, a keyboard “move up/down” shortcut to go with it would be great. Sublime Text has this feature (⌘⌃↑ or ↓ to move a paragraph up or down) and recently Ulysses cribbed it from them – even with the same exact keyboard combo. It makes it lightning fast to rearrange list items and such without moving one’s hands off the keyboard.


Yes! Exactly.

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“In any other editor…”

All my other editors have commands for dragging list items around.

But thanks for the info. This is disappointing.