How do I make the Note editor full screen

Hello team,

I would like to view a Note, that I am working on, in full screen view, where I only see that particular Note, and not all the Notes in the Project.

How do I do it?


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At the moment, you can’t do that, but it is a feature we are thinking about. Thanks for the feedback!

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This to me, is a very key and fundamental feature which helps in distraction free not taking. This is especially true while typing on smaller screens on iOS devices. I was quite sure I could not find the right option to get this View.

All the major note taking app flaunt this “distraction free” Note taking / Editing. I shall hope to see this soon incorporated.


We have plans along these lines, but Agenda is also quite different to other note takers. No other personal note taker that I know of has the same time line/continuous note stream aspect. So just because other note takers have a feature, it doesn’t necessarily mean it translates to Agenda. In this case, I think we can have our cake and eat it.


I’d like to see this too. Sometimes you just want to see the note you’re working on right now, not the rest of it.

We have some plans for this.

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Some „immersion“ or „non-distraction“ writing mode would be great when concentrating on a note. I can hide left and right panels, but colorful content of other notes disturbs me still a lot sometimes. I do not feel this is going against the principles of the Agenda, it is just useful and pretty widespread UI feature of most text-editing tools (btw if I remember well even pressing Tab in Photoshop hides tools too :).

Even only decreased opacity (or/and change to gray) of non-active notes would probably help enough too.


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As Agenda evolves and matures (through the suggestions and needs of your growing user-base) more creators will decide to remain in Agenda to write more than just notes; having a full-screen, solo note view will be critical.

Agenda could choose to have a tremendous advantage here. Evernote, Bear, OneNote, Notes, and DevonThink are all mature applications that have stodgily remained stuck to their original manifestos.

I fully understand the unique differences between Agenda and the Gang of Five but if I love an application (which is the goal for all developers) I want to live in it.

Please provide us with full screen document mode.

Thanks for a great application and all your hard work.

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Plus one please! Full document mode is very high on my Agenda wish list!

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+1 :pray::pray::pray: