How do I make the Note editor full screen



Hello team,

I would like to view a Note, that I am working on, in full screen view, where I only see that particular Note, and not all the Notes in the Project.

How do I do it?



At the moment, you can’t do that, but it is a feature we are thinking about. Thanks for the feedback!


This to me, is a very key and fundamental feature which helps in distraction free not taking. This is especially true while typing on smaller screens on iOS devices. I was quite sure I could not find the right option to get this View.

All the major note taking app flaunt this “distraction free” Note taking / Editing. I shall hope to see this soon incorporated.


We have plans along these lines, but Agenda is also quite different to other not takers. No other personal note taker that I know of has the same time line/continuous note stream aspect. So just because other note takers have a feature, it doesn’t necessarily mean it translates to Agenda. In this case, I think we can have our cake and eat it.