How do I get out of a Block Quote?

Returning back to Agenda after a long absence… Lots of new and cool. I’m excited!

I’m struggling a bit though with Block Quotes… So I know that I can type “>” without the quotes, hit the spacebar and I’m in a block quote. Works awesome! Love it.

How…do I get out of it? In other apps, smacking return twice kicks me out of the Block Quote and back into just regular text. Do I need to go into the format menu to “end” the Block Quote? There has to be a way to do this naturally through typing and I’m just missing something…right? Currently on my M1 MBP, but will use Agenda often on the iPad Pro as well.

Thank you for your help!!!

At the moment you need to use the menu, keyboard shortcut or type \body (or \b), this because two returns can be quite a normal thing to do in a quote (creating a spacer paragraph).

Understood. Thank you!

I have to say I find getting out of block quotes really fiddly. Double return would make it much simpler, and more intuitive as it would behave like most other paragraph formats.

I can’t think of any time I actually want to create extra space between paragraphs with two returns!

two returns can be quite a normal thing to do in a quote (creating a spacer paragraph)

I agree. How about three returns in a row then? This should make most people happy.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll indeed see if 2 or 3 returns could be a trigger.

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