How do I create an in-line calendar tag to attach to a checklist item?

I’ve poked around for a little while now and may be missing the process. I would love to be able to add a calendar tag/event/due date to an item on a checklist. I noticed the date tag in the sample project (attached below).

Is there a way to assign one of those tags?

Thanks so much!!

What I expected:

Mac OS 10.14 - Agenda 2.5.1

You can certainly make a due tag, or any tag with a date. You just type #due(today) or similar. See Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

At this time you can’t just say “Show me the checklist items that are due”, but you can do a search which will include notes that include due tags. In that case, do a tag search for #due(today), for example.

Awesome, thank you Drew!! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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