How do I choose the email Agenda uses to share notes?

What I did: I have a note I wanted to share with a colleague as a PDF, so I went to share as a pdf via email

What happened: The icon for email is the chrome logo, and Gmail opened up

What I expected: to be able to choose the Mac OS mail app , so that I could use my work email (exchange)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Version 6.01 Mac OS, MacBook

The sharing panel simply uses whichever application is set as your default Mail client. In the Mac OS mail app preferences you can set Mail as your default and it will use that.

Thank you , once I restarted Agenda it worked perfectly. I had Mail as the preference but it changed and I thought it was Agenda that needed the preference set.

Ah great to hear that.