How do I add comments on a post here, as a new user?

What I did: I found an interesting thread on the Agenda Community forum.

What happened: I wanted to add some information from my experience with other software. However, despite poring over the page, the site, refreshing multiple times, doing a search of forum topics, I could not find any Reply Button nor any indication of why that would be (e.g., to prevent spam you must wait 24 hours after you create your accout to post, or something like that).

What I expected: I expected to be able to reply to the thread. Even though the original post was from 2017, the latest post was 21 days ago.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
The thread was in the Talk category, about pricing models and users desire to have other software publishers follow your lead. I wanted to share my experience with SketchUp where this model let them grow to international prominence and the new owners are gutting the golden goose by abandoning it and attempting to squeeze their users. The SketchUp community is “up in arms” about it. I have some insider details about numbers too.

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About an hour after posting the above I discovered that I had notifications of messages and my having earned a Basic badge. I can now reply as expected.

So the only bug in the system is there not being obvious information available to a new user WHY replying, etc., is blocked and what to do about it.

Perhaps a brief line could be added to the “Success” page at the time of account creation noting that your account will be limited at first and to look for notifications in your inbox.


Hi —

these are just safety precautions to prevent pseudo-users from writing garbage in here.

You have probably already received a private message from a robot called agendabot. Reply and talk to him to learn more about the possibility of the forum.