How do Categories Work?

I’m new. What is the difference between a Category and a Project? I tried to create a Category to be called “Golf” and it got created but it showed “Golf - untitled.” I don’t want “untitled” but it wouldn’t let me delete “untitled.” I finally just deleted the Category. So how to Categories work?

A category is a container for projects, or other categories. It really doesn’t have any behavior beyond that.

A project is a container for notes. The main behaviors for projects are 1) you can sort its notes oldest to newest or vice versa and 2) you can filter the visible notes by date range, OTA, or search query. Those filters persist as you switch between projects. You can select multiple projects to display the combined set of notes among them.

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean? I suspect what you saw is the default “Untitled Note” that appears when you create a project. Agenda will show a sort of “summary” view at the top, where it shows the container you’re in (smart overview or category + project) and the currently selected note title. That part isn’t editable / selectable / deletable. Below that, you should the the actual note “Untitled Note” that you can rename, delete, add text to, assign to a date, etc.

I hope I’ve understood you correctly.


It sounds like what you are after is to have a category called “Personal”, “Home”, or “Sports”, that contains a project called “Golf”.

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Unless you are a professional golfer of course, in case you’d call the category “Work” :wink: