How close are we to a “all tasks” filter?

Hey there Agenda team!

I’ve been an on-again, off-again Agenda user for a couple of years now…. I love the idea. I love nearly EVERYTHING. It’s simple, but robust. I don’t have to deal with plug-ins and nonsense. As a sales engineer, it really fits my workflow.

However, on a typical day I’m in 4-12 meetings a day. I’m running around like I’m crazy, back to back most of the time.

Can anyone give me some insight on when a “view” or “search” or whatever is coming that I can quickly see EVERY note that has an unchecked item on it? I’m not an Apple Reminders guy (and I likely won’t be due to some of their limitations). But, I’d love to be able to see every not that has a box that’s unchecked. It’s the one thing that pulls be back to simple apps like Bear, and complex apps like Noteplan. I am aware that there are some work around with tags, etc. I just can’t get used to that practice.

I know this has been talked about time and time again…. I’m just hoping that it’s coming a lot sooner rather than later. That’s my big hold up.

Thank you for reading!!

The short answer: very close :smiley: It will be part of Agenda 19


This is awesome news!! Thank you for your very quick response. I’ve re-subscribed for the year, and will start diving back in!!!

I like to use posts as these as opportunities to get bites of information about the next update. Will it bring callouts?

Sorry, no callouts. It’s in the list, but Agenda 19 is all about search, and Agenda 20 related to content display in notes. Hopefully get to callouts at some point. (Good that you bumped it here)

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Is this list also intended for this community, or just for you, developers? Sorry for my question, but I would be very interested in this list. :sweat_smile:

It’s our own internal list…

Nice! Please, consider it for Agenda 20, I think it is a very important feature. In my personal workflow, I use daily notes and have a specific project for my work. Ocasionally I want to mention a daily note paragraph in my work project. The issue with copying or duplicating notes is that it is not dynamic, modifying one doesn’t change the other and adds friction.

So basically you want a link, but a link that provides a preview of what it is pointing at. Correct?

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I have never used Obsidian so I didn’t know Callouts.
Apart from the (very useful, I agree with @artehur ) transclusion / cloning feature, Callouts are very nice as a formatting tool to make a paragraph stand out.

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I have mentioned this in a similar feature request as well. If what @artehur is referring to is what I call mouse-overs or hover links they are very useful and can be used in a few different ways. One is a link named to fit into a note sentence that when hovered over shows a contextual portion of a reference and when clicked goes to that linked reference. Another version opens the link in preview or app it belongs to. Having separate window capability is a feature just waiting for this. Currently I have to use a superscript reference linked to a footnote that contains a quote and link to the full reference which is sooo 20th century.

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@drewmccormack yes, a preview of that particular bullet point (paragraph), with the option to include further bullet points.
How it could work:

  • you can press the bullet point, or paragraph / + button on mobile devices, or \ commands
  • click add callout
  • it prompts a small window with a search bar, you can them search for your note and select the bullet point or bullet points
  • callout gets added, but with a different styling and link to the mentioned note, while also allowing to edit it in the actual note (not just a preview)
    (This could require paragraph/bullet points to be individual itens, just like notion)

OK, yeah, thanks for the details.

I think that is a pretty major change to the app. Not just superficial either, but you a change to how data flows and updates are handled.

We’ll take it along, but it is not something we can just put in on a whim, I fear. It is probably a major feature, and we will need to weigh against other major projects.

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I see…
Actually I got the name wrong. The obsidian feature is just called embedding, not callouts.
As far as I remember, obsidian had just the preview (you could just see the note, not edit it in real time). Editing in real time was probably a plugin. Do you think the preview only is possible?

This would provide similar functionality on the iPhone as the note in a separate window on the Mac and iPad. This function then saves copying and pasting or jumping between 2 notes on the iPhone. I used this on the obsidian just as often as the callouts and I really like it.

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So you had two notes which were closely related?

In Agenda you would probably just put them next to each other in the project, because you can do that in Agenda, where in other apps you would need to open a separate window (also possible in Agenda).

I’ve noted down this request. It’s certainly possible to do, it just complicates a lot of things. Eg. If you now edit a note, we have to make sure that any notes that reference it are also refreshed.

We’ll see what we can do.


We only use this app because it is carefully developed, I’m very satisfied with the feedback, thanks drew


The addition of the to do list/filter is really great - thanks. Are there any plans for the to do filter to list only the to do’s vs the full notes which contain to do’s?

Yes :smiley: