How can you execute an x-callback URL without Agenda changing focus?

When I execute the URL link to create a new note, Agenda changes focus to the project and new note.

Is there a way to prevent the focus switch such that I remain editing the note and project I was on ?


Right now there’s no way to do this. In what kind of scenario would this make sense? What do you open the new note for/with?

I have an Alfred workflow which allows me to make a quick note into Agenda.

I’ve created an Agenda Project which accepts random notes.

Let’s say I’m focused on a note in one folder of Agenda but a random idea occurs.

I invoke Alfred (spotlight replacement), type the work flow and note and then go on.
Ex: ag #tag “note text”

Switching focus breaks my note taking in the current note.

I see, will see if we can add a parameter to this extent.

Another use case. I was on a Webex call this morning and didn’t want to switch apps to take a note. So, I took the quick note using the workflow.

Thank you for considering this. Much appreciated.