How can I write some symbols in plain text (like @, #)

I’m new to agenda and I like it very much.
But I have a problem when I input some symbol @, # and etc.
I need a plain symbols but I couldn’t find how to do.
Anybody help me please?

This is an interesting delima: it is an unavoidable limitation of having “special” characters.

The straightforward way is to put it into a preformatted block. Or, if you want this displayed in a different styled block, like a header, you can precede the character with almost any character other than a space, like “_” or “\”, but you can’t make that leading character disappear from view; in such a case, surrounding the character (or entire word in which the character is placed) with single or double quotes would be cosmetically inoffensive.

At first I thought you might be able to “trick” the system by leading it with a non-breaking character so that you wouldn’t see what is changing the function of the character, but that doesn’t work. Nor should it: having a syntactically meaningful character look like it is not performing its function would be a guaranteed source of confusion.

Indeed as @kemer.thomson says, you can either switch the style to Preformatted or enclose the word in tick marks to prevent the parsing of those characters, e.g.:

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Thank you :slight_smile: it works very well.

Thanks for your answer

I just want a simple way and @mekentosj just tell me


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