How can I use : # and @

What’s the exact use of # and @ in Agenda notes?

@people you assigned mission to

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@bohennli I really don’t find how can I use @for people and #for tag. Does @ find people?

I think it’s just a metadata for yourself.

For example, I can take note like this:

  • 10 a.m. attend meeting @person_1 @person_2

So, someday, when I want to find all events with person_1, I can search @person_1, all results come.

Yes, these tags are mostly visual clues, but also useful for searches. If you save the search as an overview, they can also be used as dynamically updating sets of notes.

In future, we plan to improve their functionality more, and possibly integrate with Contacts.

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Yeap, i’ve been taking church sermon notes and have the preacher’s name tagged as @name. Down the road i can do a search for sermons preached by @name, which is pretty cool especially if down the road i cant really remember the title of the sermon but im more likely to remember who was speaking.

If I may bounce off that one, I’m not sure I’m getting the point.
Because, at the end of the day, if I search for “person1”, instead of searching for @person1, the search results willbe the same, wouldn’t they ?
Thanks for explaining.

Searching for @Thib will only should notes with a person labeled “Thib”, not for the word “Thib” on its own. So it is not exactly the same. Searching for “Thib” is a broad word search, and will include hits on the person @Thib, but not the other way around.

Thanks for the response