How Agenda handles inline images

Typically, on most products I use, when I paste images, they’re pasted as full width.

However, Agenda pastes a thumbnail by default. I think once I change it to ‘full width’, it remembers what it’s supposed to do the next time I paste an image.

Wouldn’t it be more useful to set ‘full width’ as the default even the first time someone pastes an image in Agenda? That’s sort of the behaviour users would expect, I would think based on how copy pasting images works in general in Gmail and elsewhere.

Besides, on clicking the image, can it open a lightbox of sorts (or even open Preview with the image)? I don’t want to click on ‘Quick look’ to do this.

Just tested this, and it seemed to work that way for me. When I dragged in the first image, it was thumbnail. I changed it to full width, and dragged in a second one, and that was full width.

Are you sure it is not working? What device is it? (I tested on macOS)


I meant to ask - can you make full width the default, even when a user pastes an image for the first time on Agenda?

No that wouldn’t work because full-width is a premium feature.

Ah, okay. Didn’t realize that.

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