Horizontally-compressed display (ie. narrower text)

I experienced some kind of visual glitch where the text in my notes was ‘squished’ to be much more narrow than usual.

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I actually liked it better like that: I keep the Agenda window on the right side of the screen next to whatever other content I’m working on, and the narrower text allowed me to display more text in the same space.

Is there any way this could be made into a feature?

Can’t take a screenshot anymore, unfortunately, since the condition went away when I zoomed the text.


Very odd, next time if would come back can you take the screenshot? Also, perhaps you remember what steps preceded it from appearing?

No idea, but it may have involved moving the window back-and-forth from a (lower-dpi) external display and my MacBook’s Retina display and hiding/expanding the sidebar.

Ok, that could certainly explain some things indeed, thanks for the follow up.

I ran into this problem today when starting the app. First time this has happened to me.

Very odd, did it resolve after quitting and restarting Agenda?

No. I also restarted my computer, no luck.

This has happened intermittently over the past few weeks. I tend to keep the Projects Sidebar and Related Panel collapsed. When I reopen Agenda after the Projects Sidebar and Related Panel have been collapsed, the main content panel displays the “No Notes for Current Selection” screen. Upon expanding the Projects Sidebar, the notes from the previously selected project are displayed with the compressed display (i.e. narrow text). This does not happen when the sidebars are shown when quitting the Agenda.

Do you happen to have two screens of which one is retina and the other is not? If not, is your main screen retina or not?

I ran into this issue earlier this week, and it seemed to be related to making the app one-half of a split-screen fully maximized view, and then sliding the divider between the two apps. This was on a Retina MBP which was not connected to an external display (though it previously was connected to one).

Aha, ok, thanks for the follow up, we’ll have a look at the splitscreen behaviour.

I haven’t noticed this happening as a direct result of working splitscreen but I do work this way frequently so it may be related.

I’m working on a non-retina Macbook Air.

Hi! I just want to say that this happens to me to on macOS Mojave 10.14.4. The version of Agenda is 5.1 from the AppStore. I do connect an external monitor which has a full HD resolution on a 24 inch diagonal display and below is a screenshot of the text being compressed horizontally while the text size is default.

I hope this can help you guys investigate the matter.

The other day someone who reported this said he was using a window manager utility that allowed him to quickly organise/relayout the windows on screen, are you using this as well perhaps?

Hi! Nope i am not using any window utility manager besides macOS’s window manager itself (the long press and hold on the green maximize icon to put to windows into full screen).

Thank you

Thanks for the confirmation, we’ll continue to investigate. Did this start happening after a recent system update?

Sorry for the late reply! And no there no software update at the time. Just my mac which randomly decided to restart on its own. Thank you so much for the support!