Horizontally-compressed display (ie. narrower text)



I experienced some kind of visual glitch where the text in my notes was ‘squished’ to be much more narrow than usual.

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I actually liked it better like that: I keep the Agenda window on the right side of the screen next to whatever other content I’m working on, and the narrower text allowed me to display more text in the same space.

Is there any way this could be made into a feature?

Can’t take a screenshot anymore, unfortunately, since the condition went away when I zoomed the text.


Very odd, next time if would come back can you take the screenshot? Also, perhaps you remember what steps preceded it from appearing?


No idea, but it may have involved moving the window back-and-forth from a (lower-dpi) external display and my MacBook’s Retina display and hiding/expanding the sidebar.


Ok, that could certainly explain some things indeed, thanks for the follow up.


I ran into this problem today when starting the app. First time this has happened to me.


Very odd, did it resolve after quitting and restarting Agenda?


No. I also restarted my computer, no luck.