Horizontal rule in black mode is barely visible

Hi, im currently using black mode of Agenda and it seems to have horizontal rule barely vissible, IMHO i guess it should have the same color as the text which is white/grey instead of

Thanks in advance.

In this picture i have an horizontal rule at the top and at the bottom and they’re both barely visible.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look. Are you using automatic switching between light and dark mode?

Hi thanks for the quick reply, i was using the “BLACK MODE” designed for OLED screens, i switched now to the regular dark mode (not os-automatic switch) and i can see the line but is barely barely visible… when i look at it on my macOS it looks perfect though. Also, i forgot to report another thing about the tags…

When you look at all the tags at once and you try to update one tag color in black mode on iPad it looks like this:

I was trying to make a different report but i can’t create another thread for the next like 8-9 hours because im new haha…

Last doubt:

I bought iOS + iPad but now i want to switch to iOS + iPad + macOS but it says that i have to pay full price, there’s no like update price?

Thanks for your help!

Ok, thanks for the follow up, we’ll try to fix these all in the next update. Regarding the macOS purchase, I’ll send you a coupon code that will discount the amount you already paid for iOS+iPadOS. Thanks for your support!!

Hi, i can also confirm the bug.

…and that too:

Black theme I like very much, so hope for bugfix soon :+1:t3: