Hope to provide more storage location options and the ability to post to the blog

I purchased the premium version of the feature at the end of last year, and recently extended some expiration dates through referrals as well, thanks to some new users who have recently joined using my referral code

I like Agenda and I’m looking forward to seeing these features in future updates of Agenda.

1, Webdav or end-to-end sync support, Because of the small capacity of iCloud, Dropbox cannot be accessed and used properly in China (also including the popular Google Drive, etc.).

2, The ability to publish content (text and images) to mainstream blogs, such as publishing to WordPress, Typecho, Medium, Substack, etc. Agenda is particularly suitable for use as a record of thinking (I’ve been using it for more than three months, and all the content on Agenda is typed on the keyboard), And some records are expected to be posted publicly to blogs and other places.

I recently changed the email address of my custom domain and would like to be able to change the email address of my account on Agenda Community without losing the expiration date (I don’t know if Agenda’s expiration date is linked to my account on Agenda Community), but I didn’t find out how to change the email address from the settings.

You can change your email here: https://accounts.agenda.com/credentials/changeemail

More information about Agenda Accounts is available here: Accounts in Agenda

We will see what we can do for other sync options. The problem is really that everyone wants a different one.

Publishing is probably beyond the scope of our app. You can export notes in HTML or markdown, which makes it easier to paste into WordPress or whatever you are using.

For a full fledged blogging app, take a look at something like MarsEdit.

Thanks for the feedback!

And thanks for spreading the word, that’s awesome! :raised_hands:

Thanks, I have successfully changed my account email
It’s true that everyone has their own specific situation, but if there is webdav support, there are a lot of possibilities, you can use a webdav-enabled network disk, or you can build your own webdav service on Nas to achieve data localization, I really hope that webdav will be supported.
If the publishing function is not in the plan, it does not affect it, I now write the content in Agenda, export Markdown and pour it into Mweb for publishing operations :smile:

The quality of the software itself, and the way it is charged are easy to accept, and I thank you for your work!

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Yes, WebDav would make some sense, as it is one of the few options that gives someone control over their cloud data. We’ll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

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