HomePod Workflow

Hey everyone!

Has anyone figured out a Shortcut/Workflow to add to an existing Agenda note through audio only (like with a HomePod)? I want to be able to dictate the stuff for when typing is hard.

I can do this with Siri on my phone, but for HomePod, it doesn’t have the app to do URL schemes, so I wonder if an intermediary of some kind could help do the work here.



Playing with this a little bit, it looks like I can append to Notes, and then just need to transfer the content to Agenda later.

The other little catch is that I timestamp entries and would love to account for that somehow, but some manual intervention isn’t bad. Here is the draft Shortcut I am using for capture to Notes, and then this is a simple Shortcut to move Notes content to an Agenda note I make for each day titled as EEEE MMMM dd, yyyy.

Would love ideas and thoughts!


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Out of curiosity, what is missing in order to be able to append to Agenda immediately?

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A Shortcut relies on the app to be able to append, since it’s a URL scheme. The HomePod doesn’t have a sense of the app (I guess?), so says that “you need to continue on your iPhone”.

Unless I did something wrong?

I see, we probably need to support certain intents

Just re-upping this to add same for Watch. I would love to be able to append to a note from Watch, but because URL scheme is the only way, neither Watch nor HomePod can accomplish this.

Maybe there’s a clever workaround some has?