History buttons - why I find them unhelpful

I’ve just realised why I find them confusing and unhelpful!

It seems that a note is only recognised and added to history if you actually edit it, or perhaps interact in a certain way. I can’t quite work it oiut.

What I find frustrating is when:

  • I consult Note A without editing it
  • I click a link in Note A to jump to Note B
  • From Note B I use the back button to return to Note A
  • but instead I’m taken to Note X which I worked in before Note A

Am I missing something? Or is this intended behaviour for some reason.

I’m pretty sure they are also added without editing but we’ll verify, thanks for reporting.

The intention is that it should register any major change to navigation. A very short scroll should not register, but a longer one should. Clicking a link should certainly register, changing projects, etc. Any change to navigation, including major scrolls.

If it is not working like that, it is a bug or other issue. I just tested myself, following a link to another note, and pressing back did work on that occasion. Does the problem happen every time?

Thanks for clarifying what’s supposed to happen. I was in the middle of trying to work so I didn’t pay attention to the exact steps. I’ll check and let you know.

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