Highlight, Text colors, image resize

I use agenda app as a replacement to Notion and my use consists of storing notes organized by School / class / topic / section. This gets pretty deep and one great feature from notion was the ability to use a toggle function. The toggle would be great for hiding things that don’t need to be displayed at all times in a note. For example, there will be quizzes in the middle of lectures and i store all the questions and answers but usually toggle them away under the heading , Quiz.

Highlighting and changing text color would be great to make key words or phrases pop.

Image resizing would be great.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll consider it.

Note that you can collapse notes. Perhaps that is an option for “hiding” things. Double click/tap the top of the note, or use the dot menu at the top.

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Absolutely +1 on the highlighting and text color. I use Tiago Forte’s Progressive Summarization technique, and especially with some fonts and especially in Dark Mode, the difference between bold and regular isn’t quite sharp enough to make it easy.