Highlight bug

What I did:
Right clicking to HIGHLIGHT on a sentence that had several words in BOLD

What happened:
The options for the choosing highlight colours does not appear if Right Click on sentence. It only appears when accessed from the Menu > Format > Highlight > Colour choice.

What I expected:

I expected whatever formating I had with the words (e.g. bold, italic etc) would not be removed by the Highting. I have to Highlight first and reformat the words to “bold” or “italic"

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
18.3.2 Mac version

I think the issue is just that there are a lot of text formatting options, and the right click menu, which is used more for the whole note, would just get too big and unusable if it also had formatting in it.

Note we have a lot of options for formatting…

  • Select text, and use CMD-B for bold
  • Select text, click little round button to the left for a formatting panel
  • Type **text** (ie insert asterisk) get make text bold with markdown formatting

Hopefully one of these works for you. Notice that the format panel can also be torn off and kept permanently visible.

Kind regards,