Higher level view of note activity

I’d like to view all of my notes from an entire week at once in some kind of summary view (not scrolling through a vertical list of the notes in the saved search view.) These notes would be coming from 10-20 different project categories. I understand that I wouldn’t be able to view the full text of the notes in this view. Is there a way to efficiently do this?

The use case is to quickly do some reporting that’s taking a long time by scrolling through the calendar and looking for calendar events with the note symbol next to them.

The best I could think of is this:

  1. create an overview for all notes from the week
  2. export the overview to Markdown
  3. filter the export file to only include lines starting with "# " (i.e., note titles)
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We have plans to address this in a future update indeed that will be focused on creating better overviews.

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Looking forward to the results of that! Thank you. @Gestaltist I like your workaround in the meantime.