Hiding projects from the overview

I could replace two apps with just Agenda if I had the ability to hide projects from the overview. I want to use these to have notes that don’t obscure my tasks.

Whether or not a project appears in the On the Agenda overview is determined by whether it has notes that are marked as On the Agenda (having a filled orange dot). If you mark all notes from a project as not being on the agenda it will disappear from the overview. If you find it easier to work the other way around, in the preferences you can set whether you want new notes to be added to On the Agenda or not.

Ouh, didn’t know that. Thank you very much!

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View Hierarchy for On the Agenda.

This is a related request to hide projects form the overview as previously mentioned, but less binary and more configurable.

Feature Request:

  1. ability to show or hide notes at the project level, in-addition to the orange dot for each note —> My use case is for a personal project or personal business that I don’t want coworkers to view.
  2. ability to add people (collaborators) at the project level —> useful when managing multiple teams.
  3. Ability to filter the Overview > On the Agenda by view hierarchy: project, person, then notes

Of course, these are just my thoughts about how I’d like to use Agenda, but hopefully it’s an attractive idea to others and the product team.

Is there a way to hide searches in the overview? I know I can collapse the whole overview, but I’d like to see the Agenda, but not all the pinned searches.

If you have more than 5 saved searches they will be grouped under their own heading in version 9.1, which then allows you to collapse them.