Hide/Unhide Completed items

What I did:completed an item

What happened: as expected a check mark is noted

What I expected: hoping to find the ability to hide completed items from the agenda with a selection ‘hide\show’’ button? it could take out some of the clutter. Thanks for the input, direction or other comments in reply.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):


Thanks for the feedback. We have ideas about this, and will try to address it in future.

Note that Agenda is not a task manager per se. It is designed to keep a track of the development of projects, so having the list of checked off items is useful in future. But I agree, it would be nice to hide them at times.

Thanks Drew. You do have to admit that tracking work does mean, esp for a complicated project, the occasional need to hide the completed work.

perhaps HIDE COMPLETED OLDER THAN DD days? as a compromise? of course that means for some, the ability to know things were hidden — something in the header bar like (Showing ### of ##### <#### hidden>)

+1 … now I have done and undone tasks together… HIDE completed tasks will be awesome, or if its possible move completed tasks down.

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