Hide, rather than archive individual notes

I’ve read some of the threads about archiving individual notes, where to put them, losing project attachment, etc.
Maybe a better option would be to mark the notes as ‘hidden’, or ‘inactive’. The notes would not appear in a project under normal circumstances, but could be shown using a ‘show inactive’ button, or something similar. The button would give some indication that ‘inactive’ notes are present in the project.
This would reduce clutter, maintain relationships with the parent project, dates the notes are linked to, etc.


That would be really helpful!

Suggestions to move old notes to an ‘archive’ project don’t make sense for me - becuase is I later want to refer to the old noted, that fact that they aren’t associated with a specific project means they have lost meaning. Searching would be tricky too.

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Something of oposite functionallity to “pin to top” might already do the trick? Maybe a “pin to bottom”?
In general I agree, some way to handle notes that should stop cluttering my timeline but that I also don’t want to delete would be great.

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Yes, we are considering options for hiding notes in this way.

Please note that you can already “Pin to Bottom”. You need to hold in the Alt key, I believe.