Hide Panels Button (ala XCode);Restore Default Layout menu/keyboard shortcut

A couple of interface management requests - the focus view and pop out view are great, now need a few more to manage my views:

  1. Hide/Show Panels buttons - I use these very frequently, a button for each panel and for all panels would be a nice to have.
  2. Restore Default - when resizing, not sure if I have ever returned the view to the default sizes for panels and editor. Nice to have a menu option to do that (unless I missed it).

Thanks guys, great work as always - still subscribed :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take it along.

One question: Have you noticed there are buttons on the side panels, half way down. They look like grips. You can use them as grips, but they also work as buttons.

Note also that you can use a two finger swipe left or right to open and close the side panels, in case that is useful.

For panels, thank you! For some reason only thought to drag using those and felt like I have random widths every time (at least my OCD version of it), thus the “default view” shortcut request paired with it.

iOS/iPadOS works perfectly, the preset size is a +.

MacOS - Projects has the drag/button, Related Items does not on my side - is that expected? That is different than iPad, both side panels have the drag button.

The drag button should be there on all platforms. Sometimes it hides. A small scroll upwards will reveal it, I believe.