Hide Notes Marked as “Done"

It would be great for reducing clutter if I could choose to hide notes that I’ve marked as “Done”. A quick switch for hide/show would be terrific.


Thanks for the suggestion, we have some thoughts in this direction.

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Hide notes marked as done

when will :point_up_2: feature be ready to use?

We don’t yet have an ETA I’m afraid, hopefully later this year.

+1 need it

any update???

We are working on related things now. Will not be too long. Stay tuned!

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just a note to say that I’d like to see this too

when viewing a project, there’s a little “on the agenda” button next to the search box that filters the view so that you only see items that are on the agenda

in the same way that you can right/option click on the “on the agenda” button on each note to put it on the agenda, mark it as done, and so on - it makes sense to me that this button next to the search box could be extended in a similar way

so, the way I imagine it is:

  • click the icon: filters the view to only show items on the agenda (like now, so not breaking any existing muscle memory for people)
  • right/option click the icon: get menu showing you a list of options

some ideas:

  • show all notes (redundant, but maybe useful to just toggle both of the other options on)
  • show notes on the agenda (toggle)
  • show notes marked as done (toggle)

Yes, we definitely have ideas in this direction for filtering/searching. Stay tuned!

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Any news? Because for now I must every tasks which is done move to Zdone.

No news at this moment, still on the list.

+1 please add this feature

I am just starting with Agenda, but that’s really not good! When I look at a project I have things to do, reference notes and in between I have plenty of done things. Moving them to a artificial „done“ project is no option, since I want to eventually come back and see what is done In this specific project. What’s the big problem, for hiding them or at least make an option to move them to the bottom (below the footnotes), so they’re out of the way? People are asking for it over a year now…

We plan to add this, but it is not as trivial as you make out. Agenda is a note taking app, not a task manager (eg Things, OmniFocus). It is trivial to hide tasks in a task manager, because they are all self contained. Tasks in Agenda are part of notes; hiding parts of notes is tricky at best. You have to consider all sorts of cases, such as when people try to edit the summarized note.

Anyway, it is a big project, but we want to tackle it. Things take time, and we have lots of these big projects that many people want.

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I believe this is asking about how you can mark a note as done, and it doesn’t have any meaningful behavior beyond showing a different icon.

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Hi Pat, what is meaningful to you might not be meaningful to another person. For me it would be great to see a distraction free list of all the things in a project that I need to work on. Therefore NOT seeing what I is already considered done would be helpful and - as meaningless it might be - almost all taskmanaging apps offer it :wink:

Hi, After working with Agenda for a while I understand now the problem and it’s like Pat below writes: I was asking for hiding completed „Notes“ not inline tasks. I can live with it :slight_smile: and I start to really like Agenda and the way of how I can handle whole projects with it. It’s a different way of how I worked with “pure” task managers for decades and so I sometimes interpret the missing of features as a weakness of Agenda just to find out later that it’s actually a strength of the program, as it handles things just in a different way and I have to adopt my thinking :wink: and then find new exiting ways to work with your great product :+1:


Great to hear that, and it’s indeed a common theme among many new to Agenda. It can take a bit of time to click, but once it does it usually people see that the separation of notes and tasks is quite often very arbitrary.