Hide all-day events

I would love to see an option to hide (per default) all-day events. In my case the all-day events use a lot of space in the calendar column (due to Todoist integration, vacation entries from colleagues etc).
And I don’t see many use cases where I would take notes for an all-day event.

Not sure about that. I can definitely see how I might use a note for an all day event, such as a one-day conference or something like that. Think it would be troublesome to hide them. There is bound to be one that comes along that you want to link to, and if they are all hidden, it becomes a pain to unhide them etc.

I see a difference between all-day events with status “away” and status “free” or “available”. But I see the point that people may work differently with all-day events so it might be an idea to leave it to the user whether they are shown or hidden.

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Perhaps you could change your workflow in your calendar? Eg, create separate calendar for colleagues vacations - you could view this in your calendar app, by choosing to show that calendar, but by not selecting that calendar in Agenda, hide it there.

Yes, a separate calendar would be a great option! But there is a problem: when I move events to another (exchange) calendar, iCal can’t manage updates for those events anymore. So moving events to a dedicated calendar is not an option :frowning:

That’s a shame. Glad to say I’ve never had to deal with Exchange!

After 4 years, there is still no option to filter calendar events, in particular to hide all-day events. For those of us that have no choice on the claendar backend (exchange…), client-side filtering would be a great UX enhancement!

Indeed it would be nice if we could add this, the problem is that we need to think of a way to trigger such a search without just plastering a search field on top, and also technically it’s challenging due to the way Apple has implemented the search. But we’ll give it some more thoughts, thanks for the feedback!