Hide ALL archives?

Is there an easy way to hide all archives?

I’m not sure how it happens, but I find I often end up with several archives open in the sidebar. Many of these include 20+ projects. Obviously I can click ‘hide archive’ on each one individually, but it’s a pain.

It would be great to be able to hide all archives with a single command - perhaps option-click ‘hide archive’, and/or an item in the “View” menu?

I have created a subcategory and collect the archives there. Expanding and collapsing the archives is then easy. Maybe that can help for now.

My problem is the archives showing up in search. They should be a special search location. Perhaps it will be addressed with v19.

Edit: I have tried locking them but just get a lot of locked notes using search terms. That would be another issue but I don’t use the lock feature.
2nd Edit: @trebso you can select multiple projects and lock them via the file menu.

Yes, archived notes will be presented differently in the new search of Agenda v19

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Yes they do show up in searches.
And no they don’t in saved searches.


Good one @robbie07, strange. I hadn’t tried a saving a search that wasn’t giving me what I searched for.