Hidden or protected categories or projects

Hi there,

so far I am really impressed by Agenda. But I am missing one single feature: To hide or protect parts some how.

E. g. in my notes app from iOS I was at least able to have notes just on my iphone, they were not visible on other devices.

If there was a possibility to hide or better, to protect a categorie or project, I’d be very happy. By protecting I mean password (fingerprint) protected.

What do you think? I read you are considering this for an update - that has been written January 2018. Any progress so far? :slight_smile:



Hi Felix,

Encryption and locking of notes is certainly in our list, and we will get to it at some point. Unfortunately the list is long.

You can collapse notes, so that might help a bit from prying eyes, but I agree it is not a real solution. I can really only say “stay tuned” at this point. Sorry.

Kind regards,

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Hi Drew,

thanks a lot for the quick reply! Unfortunately collapsing notes doesn’t help at all… I hope you will soon develop the encryption feature - to open the app just with the fingerprint on iOS/iPadOS/macOS would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!