Hex Numbers (Colors) Pasted to Notes - Creates Tags

This may have a “Captain Obvious” answer/solution … but I do a lot of design work and (copy/) paste many Hex Numbers (Colors) into Agenda notes.

Each hex number (#) creates a tag.

If it were only a few I guess it wouldn’t be a problem but there are many … which just creates way too many tags. I could also use the hsla or rgba versions of the number but that would be more of a hassle in the long-run. … or could just paste the number w/o # (in Agenda) but would have to add it later to wherever I’m pasting the number.

I currently place brackets around the [#] mark (or just one bracket i.e: [#fff ) but then have to remove the bracket(s) wherever I’ve pasted them.

Any suggestion? I also have the same issue on Trello - (Markdown as well).

Also, is there a way to view all your tags in one place so you can do ‘clean-up’ e.g. like in Evernote? That would be great as well!

Many thanks!

A Markdown escape seems to prevent this, so \#FFFFFF, for example, works.



When it comes to code etc you’re best of using the fixed width text style, or preformatted paragraph style. Agenda won’t parse markdown in those. A shortcut is to use backtics as a shortcut for the fixed width text style, e.g.


Thank you both for your help … I greatly appreciate it!

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I’ve hit this same issue pasting (in and out) snippets referring to Gitlab issues - which are written in Markdown like #123.

If I paste it escaped like above, I’ll break links pasting out of Agenda. I’d need to go in and edit everything every time I paste out of Agenda.

Ideally, I’d be able to set an alternative tag opening character or sequence, say for instance ##.

Is that something you’d consider adding?

I’d probably even rather disable tags entirely than have it create tags for the (in my use case) very common occurrence of #ddd that is not intended to be a tag.

We’ll consider that but tbh it’s not of very high priority at this moment. We did in the mean time add the ability to quickly switch to the preformatted paragraph style by typing three tick marks in a row. If you do that before pasting a snippet it prevents parsing of the pasted content. We’ve also adapted the copy/paste code to insert full links when you copy out of Agenda.