Helper Application — Shortcut initial failures

What I did:
Made Shortcuts to save to Agenda.
Did not open Agenda today before using one of the Shortcuts.

What happened:
The Shortcut failed saying it couldn’t reach the “helper application.”

“Agenda: Search” is my Shortcut to save a new note to a Project called Search.

What I did next:
I opened Agenda.
I closed Agenda.
I used the same Shortcut again.

What happened:
The Shortcut worked and added to Agenda.

What I expected:
I don’t want to need to open Agenda before before using a Shortcut to save an idea to Agenda.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPhone 12 mini
iPad mini 6
Happens across devices
Latest software updates.

Thanks for the feedback!

I suspect this is a bug in the OS. The starting up of the app by Shortcuts is not something that Agenda arranges itself, so I don’t think we can influence that.

You could put in some feedback to Apple about this issue. Perhaps they can improve it in future.

Kind regards,

I forwarded the issue to Apple Feedback for iPhone.