Help sending Airmail to Agenda?

Has anyone written an Applescript or figured out a different way to create a note in Agenda from an email in Airmail? Using the Todoist/Airmail integration, I have a Rule that does the following whenever I press the right arrow on a message, which marks it as “To Do”:

  1. Adds a task to my Todoist inbox that includes the email’s subject as the task name
  2. Attaches the email as a pdf “comment” on that task
  3. Archives the email

I’ve realized that some emails are ‘memos’ and not tasks, and I’d like to be able to send them to Agenda with the same one-button ease. Ideally, it would create a new note and prompt me to choose which project or area to place it. However, it’s also fine if it just sends it to an Agenda “Inbox” (I’d have to make that project/area) and I can then move it. Anyone have a similar workflow and figured out a solution?


I have an easy custom action that does this for Airmail in iOS. No similar functionality in Mac version to my knowledge.

Custom Action -> Open url:


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** asterisks ** should be either side of To and From in the url. The reply has formatted it rather than leaving the markdown

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Thanks, @drjhunt. It does appear easier to accomplish what I want through x-callback-urls and the iOS version. For my workflow, I’d love to find a solution through the mac version, as I prefer processing my inbox on my laptop and not my phone. I’ll keep hunting, but this is a good solution in the mean time.

Both Airmail for Mac and iOS now have the ability to copy a link. Works great!


What does this mean?