Help on excluding a # from search

I am new to Agenda and looking for a way to exclude a # from a search. For example search for: “Customer A -#invoices

Would send back results for Customer A that do not mention #invoices.

Anyone know how to do this?

I’m afraid our search is not that powerful yet. We have some big changes planned, and hopefully we can make things like this doable.

Sorry I can’t be more help at this point. We’ll take your feedback on board.

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+1, looking for more powerful search be landed to Agenda 18, 19 or … Just subscribe the life-time plan.

Yep. Won’t be Agenda 18, because that is locked in for password locking of notes/projects, but in a release after that it is likely to be added.

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Thanks and look forward to having a powerful search in Agenda :slight_smile: