Heavy Apple Pencil User…. weird sizing issue when reading back notes

Hi - this has happened in the last month, i suspect when fixing the ‘ghosting’ issue of blank drawings getting created with the double tap pencil feat.

All my handwritten notes since then have a much smaller render. I used to be able to scroll down through my notes, and all was well.

Now my handwritten notes have been ’squashed’ - the render of the note is MUCH smaller, meaning you need to click on it to get it back to readable render.

Weird issue, but please go back to how it was in June - those notes look great.

Thanks - JH

Yes, we are aware of this issue. Not directly related to the ghosting, but it was a bug introduced while making certain changes.

Good news is we have fixed it internally. Will be in the next release. I think you will probably have to open images to force a new save to get them to “grow” again, I’m afraid.