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Hi Guys,
first of all, I love Agenda…
There are two feature that I wish to have. Is it possible to get footer and header? I use Agenda for all meetings. And after such jour fixes I give my protokoll to the members of the meeting. Now I work details such a logo and name of the headquarter in the from Agenda generated pdf in. A header with the possibility to catch a logo could be a super develop. And a footer with the possibility to build in text an date could be too.

Hi Ralfkuchenbecker62,
The feature you are looking for can be found by clicking the yellow circle next to the note’s title you are trying to pin on top. The same can be said to make it a footnote. But you should note that this is a premium feature.
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Thanks for youre response. But this ist not what I mean. I’m looking for header and footer similar to that what we known from pages or word.

OK I see, but unfortunately there is no such thing. The notes are simple, yet powerful, notes and the only style options are the Headings 1, 2, 3, 4 and Preformatted

Hi Ralf, you mean a custom header for print and/or PDF export correct? With the ability to add your own corporate logo etc?

Hi Alex,

thanks for your response. Yes that ist what I wish to have. In the moment I export a single note as PDF and bring a horizontal line and a corporate logo in the header and my name and name from the department on the left site from the footer. On the right site from the footer I bring the page number on.

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll have a look if something like that can be added in a future update.

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This would be a very useful feature. I posted about this a couple of years ago I think!

I find writing proposals and short reports in Agenda so much quicker than in Pages because I can’t get distracted with layout and formatting. Some very simple personal branding options as suggested would make the output a bit slicker.

I know agenda isn’t a word processor, but one other thing that would really help is keeping headings with the following paragraph at page breaks.

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